Merrimack Village District Water Works

Merrimack, NH

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May 26, 2016: MVD PFC Progress Report and Next Steps >read more

PFOA and Wells 4 and 5 update


  • Saint Gobain has signed the agreement to fund the preliminary design of a permanent treatment plant for wells 4 and 5. The additional testing that Saint Gobain had requested is partially completed and the remainder will be finished up in January.
  • The Pennichuck connection /Emergency booster station is underway and should be operational by mid-January.
  • CT Male notified the MVD that the temporary GAC filter unit used in Hoosick Falls is anticipated to be ready in mid-to-late January, and can be shipped to wells 4and5 for use while the permanent plant is constructed.
  • DHHS is sending out another 500+ letters to MVD customers offering blood testing. Of the original 200 letters that were sent out only 64 residents showed any interest and less than 10 have actually participated in the blood draw as of 12-13-16.

What is the odd/even water restriction?

The water restriction is a tool to help manage our distribution system. Withdrawing water from the aquifer in a controlled manner allows us to protect against seasonal fluctuations. The year round odd/even restriction limits the days on which outside watering is allowed, based on whether your street address is an odd or even number and the date is an odd or even. number

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