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On September 16th, Merrimack Village District (MVD) and the Town of Merrimack personnel participated in a state-wide phone conference with state officials to discuss the drought emergency across the state. During this conference the State of New Hampshire recommended increased water conservation measures. In support of this recommendation the MVD and the Town encourage all residents, business and industries to use personal water conservation measures. With little precipitation predicted for the fall we, as a community, need to be acutely aware that conservation now will support water availability throughout the winter.

In addition, the MVD will be instituting further odd/even watering restriction beginning Monday, September 26th from twice daily to ONCE daily from 5:00pm-8:00pm ONLY. Please reprogram your sprinklers immediately.

Those not adhering to the ban will be given a warning letter for the first violation. The second offense will result in the water service being discontinued and a $125 reconnection fee will be charged which must be paid in full prior to reestablishing service.

Thank you for helping preserve our most precious resource.

Merrimack Village District
Board of Commissioners

Drought Press Release

Drought Emergency in NH

Drought Guidance for Homeowners on Private Wells

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What is the odd/even water restriction?

The water restriction is a tool to help manage our distribution system. Withdrawing water from the aquifer in a controlled manner allows us to protect against seasonal fluctuations. The year round odd/even restriction limits the days on which outside watering is allowed, based on whether your street address is an odd or even number and the date is an odd or even. number

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